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Listed: Volumes I-VI

Autor: Noelle Adams
Sprecher: Kirsten Leigh
Spieldauer: 17 Std. und 36 Min.

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They make a deal to get married, for the last three months of her life.

Just before her 18th birthday, the doctors tell Emily she has three months to live. Not much time to complete the bucket list she's had since she was 12. The first item is the hardest - "Get married" - so she turns to the only man she knows who can help.

Paul, a barely reformed bad boy, has inherited a fortune from his mother, but his life is defined by his conflicted relationship with his father - a white-collar, organized-crime boss who, thanks to Paul, is being brought up on federal charges. Without Emily's testimony, his father might walk, so Paul agrees to her unconventional proposal. He'll be her husband for her last three months.

They agree that she'll testify against his father and he'll help her complete her bucket list. It's not supposed to be a true marriage. No consummation. No future. No love.

No love.

She's supposed to die, after all, and love might not be enough.

The complete serial novel (Volumes I-VI) - a USA Today best seller.

©2013 Noelle Adams (P)2016 Noelle Adams

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