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    Lincoln's Diary is a fast-paced story about a young woman's determination to unbury secrets, including the disappearance of a private Lincoln diary her mysterious grandfather once owned. And when she hunts down a professor who likely swindled her mother out of it so he could prove Lincoln planned his own assassination, she's accused of his murder. Running from police and a stalker who's bent on destroying any evidence the diary exists, Sarah turns to the only person she trusts - herself. And when taxed to her limits, she turns to strangers for help - only to find betrayal pushing her to the breaking point.

    ©2011 DL Fowler (P)2015 DL Fowler


    "A truly electrifying suspense novel based on a young woman's risky search for an immensely valuable diary of Abraham Lincoln's, purloined from her inheritance." (Hank Searls, author of the best sellers JAWS 2, Overboard, and The Big X; creator of TV's Metropolitan Squad series starring Leslie Nielsen)

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