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    Either gifted or cursed, Paul can’t touch anything electronic. Cell phones fry, breakers trip, a whole section of the electrical grid collapses on a bad day. But now, having moved to Pittsburgh with his twin to help Cooper and Ash, his “gift” threatens to unveil the special powers of them all.

    Russ teaches high-voltage techniques to line workers at a local tech institute. He hides his mental illness of “seeing things” as best as he can - until Paul lands in his classroom. Paul, whose field glows the same as the strongest appliance, is an irresistible young man who strives not for higher learning, but for control. 

    Their mutual gifts mesh as though fated, and their attraction sets off sparks. 

    Book 3 of Disorderly Elements series can be listened to as a stand-alone. The author wraps the charged clash of technology and the paranormal in a heartwarming story of courage and fated romance where two men find their place in the world, as well as a safe haven for their heart.

    ©2018 Olivette Devaux (P)2018 Olivette Devaux

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