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Life on Earth

Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead
Autor: Mike Dooley
Sprecher: Mike Dooley
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 19 Min.

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In his best-selling books and hugely popular "Notes from the Universe" daily emails, Mike Dooley teaches that the first step in changing our lives is to understand the nature of our very presence here on earth - the truth about who we are, how we got here, and the power we wield. Ultimately, Mike teaches: we are divine, eternal creators for whom all things are possible, here by choice, and we shape all of our life's experiences through the focus of our thoughts, our words, and the actions we take. Yet there are nuances, clouded by history and warped by those with agendas, that, if not understood, can sabotage our progress and keep us stuck in circumstances that seem out of our control.

Mike unpacks these subtleties in depth and detail, with all his trademark irrepressible humor and joy, in this new explorer's guide to what he calls "the jungles of time and space". Life on Earth probes the mysteries and magic of our reality, from past civilizations to modern times, with an eye to the immediate future, offering an insider's view of how we humans create our experience on Earth literally from the ground up, as Mike pulls back the curtain on:

  • What it means to say that "thoughts become things"
  • Religions, secret societies, and what the truth really is
  • How to make sense of natural disasters and manmade tragedies
  • How consciousness evolves as we discover first our power, then our divinity, and then our responsibilities to live deliberately and in harmony with our fellow co-creators
  • The ultimate goal of life on Earth (it's simpler than you think)

As one of the featured teachers in The Secret, Mike is an internationally recognized expert in the science of deliberate living and conscious creation, known for taking a rational approach to even the deepest mysteries. Life on Earth is filled with insight, inspiration, and practical tools for mastering the game of life and learning how to build a better world.

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