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    A life of peace, happiness and calmness is in your power.

    Do you find yourself constantly stressed about the little things?

    Do you feel like you get attached to people too quickly?

    Are you easily annoyed or irritated by others?

    This book is your complete guide on how to live a happier, more meaningful life.

    By listening you will learn:

    • How Buddhist mindfulness principles can be applied in everyday living
    • Understand what attachments are & how we can release them
    • Explore our attachment to people, relationships and situations
    • How frustration develops & techniques to release tension
    • How our perspective shapes our reality
    • How to identify harmful environments & methods to change them
    • Proven strategies to help us become more present
    • How to release anger effectively
    • Fundamental building blocks in how we become a new person
    • Much, much more!

    These proven steps and strategies on how to release stress, manage attachments and how to live a fuller and healthier life. Uncover the path to finding yourself, developing a fresher outlook on life and to understand how to deal with stress, anger and attachments. Learn what it takes to fully embrace life and let go of the self-created frustrations. Discover techniques to handle some of the challenging situations with a clear, calm mind and make conscious and reliable decisions.

    ©2016 B.L. Hallison (P)2016 B. L. Hallison

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