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    There are many times in life you can lose your way, your faith weakens, and you can’t put your finger on why? You're a gentle, loving person and don't deserve life to pass you by.

    You know where you want to be, but instead of gaining ground, you seem to be moving further away. Rather than look for guidance, we can resort to sticking our head in the sand. Weeks turn into months, and months to years.

    Then one day you ask yourself; how did I end up here?

    Guilt and regret set in, knowing the answer lies within the choices we have made. Instead of planning for the future we begin to focus on the past.

    Looking in the rear-view mirror means taking your eyes off the road ahead. Meaning more missed opportunities, in the days and weeks ahead. It can be the hardest thing to admit, but we all need guidance from time to time.

    “But where does this guidance come from?” is the question that comes to mind.

    Well, God has already filled your life with Angels to guide you on your way, but you have chosen to ignore them and follow others that have lost their way. Not knowing where you went wrong results in making the same mistakes again.

    Discover who the Angels are; step closer to your destiny today.

    ©2019 Rev J. Martin (P)2019 Rev J. Martin

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