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    Join Link as he gives us a breath of the wild in this action-packed fan fiction video game series.

    Link is a teenage boy living in Amysrya, which is like most small villages in the vast land of Hyrule.

    Thanks to a mysterious triangle-shaped relic, he stumbles upon the legendary Master Sword and he begins to walk through to an intense new reality.

    Link doesn't know it yet, but the ancient art and artifacts surrounding him are one piece of the legendary Triforce, a relic of immense power. The evil sorcerer Gannon, and his demon army, invades the Hyrule Warriors, and Amysrya is right in their path. Before long, Link, and Hyrule's benevolent ruler, the Princess Zelda, are drawn into conflict with Gannon. Link gains a breath of the wild as he embarks on the magical journey.

    The entire fate of Hyrule and the Triforce heroes are at stake. Can the simple teen who dreams of an exciting life use strategy to become a legend. The Legend of Zelda.

    The Diaries provide a link to the past, and insight into the action-packed life of Link.

    With ancient art and artifacts, mystical beasts, this Legend of Zelda audiobook will guide you through a breath of the wild, and give you a look into the Legend of Zelda manga series.

    ©2017 Trent Harding (P)2017 Trent Harding

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