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    When Miss. Eve Halliday is caught in an unexpected rainstorm, Mr. Ronald Psmith comes to her rescue with an umbrella. This starts a chain of events that will take the reader on a chaotic journey of fun and adventure.

    Mr. Psmith is a gallant gentleman who loves to do good deeds for others but especially for beautiful ladies such as Eve. When he snatches an umbrella from the Drone Club to help a lady in distress, he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

    Miss Halliday’s new boss, Lord Emsworth mistakes Psmith for the poet, Ralston McTodd and Psmith doesn’t bother to correct him. This will give him the perfect opportunity to make his way into Blandings Castle to be closer to the object of his desire, Eve. Unfortunately, there is also a band of criminals masquerading as poets making their way to the castle with the intention of stealing a diamond necklace.

    What starts out as harmless fun, soon turns into a downright dangerous situation.

    Public Domain (P)2020 Goffin Media

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