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    Leave it To Psmith
    By P.G. Wodehouse

    Narrated by Graham Scott

    The immaculate Psmith - newly emancipated from an unwilling participation in the fish business - donates an umbrella (not his own) to a damsel in distress; and to further press his suit, he follows her to Blandings Castle - seat of that amiable and boneheaded peer, Clarence, ninth Earl of Emsworth - in the guise of an absconded Canadian poet.

    And, for the best possible motives, Psmith is also embroiled in a plot to steal Lady Constance Keeble's fabulous diamond necklace - an endeavour which brings him into conflict with both professional rivals, and with the ever-vigilant Baxter, Lord Emsworth's efficient secretary, and amateur flowerpot flinger...

    Public Domain (P)2019 Voices of Today

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