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  • Learn Bitcoin Basics

  • A Simple Explanation of How Bitcoins Work and How to Use Them
  • Von: Alexander Graham
  • Gesprochen von: Craig Beck
  • Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 37 Min.
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    For anyone who wants to learn a bit more about Bitcoin but doesn’t have the time or inclination to plough through a textbook…this is the chance to get an easy guide for beginners on Bitcoin basics. 

    A quick look at the media headlines shows that on just about any day, there is news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You know the sort of thing: “Bitcoin is a scam”; “one Bitcoin will be worth the same as a Lamborghini”; “Bitcoin collapses”; “Bitcoin price surges to all time high”. So, what is the truth? In this book, the value of Bitcoin is explained step-by-step in non-technical and simple, straightforward language.

    One look at the financial pages shows that, as a currency, Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream. Large institutions and major companies, like Tesla, are sitting up and taking notice, developing their own Bitcoin strategy, Bitcoin trading techniques, and investing in it. This is, in itself, a very good reason to learn more about it and what effect it may have on your life.

    Mansoor Mohi-uddin, chief economist at the Bank of Singapore, has suggested that Bitcoin could replace traditional safe haven assets like gold.

    Mark Hipperson, CEO of ZIglu, has said that “with more and more big brands such as Tesla and Starbucks accepting crypto, there now seems to be little doubt that one day soon, crypto will be accepted at as many places as traditional currencies”. According to a report by Deutsche Bank, Bitcoin’s market capitalization of $1,089,407,069,181 makes it “too important to ignore”. All this makes it even more important to have a working knowledge of it.

    Even if you have not, so far, been convinced of its relevance to you, this Bitcoin book will help you discover how this digital coin will affect many aspects of your life. It explains in a straightforward way Bitcoin’s worth as a currency, commodity, or asset and how it can affect your investments and pension.

    This book is an ideal introduction to Bitcoin for beginners. A sample of what is revealed to you:

    • Who created Bitcoin, and why it matters
    • When Bitcoin was created
    • Why Bitcoin was created
    • What Bitcoin is
    • How Bitcoin works
    • How to buy Bitcoin
    • What can I do with Bitcoin?
    • Is Bitcoin safe?

    So, if you want to gain a little bit more of an insight into what Bitcoin is and what it does, scroll up and buy now.

    ©2021 Graham Paul Tombs (P)2021 Graham Paul Tombs

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