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    Productivity for lazy people. How to make your laziness work for you - not against you.

    Do you ever feel lazy? Do you have a hard time getting motivated? Are you a chronic procrastinator?

    If any of these describe you, you’re not alone. Many of us feel that the reason we don’t get more done is because we are lazy. The good news is there is a way for you to accomplish more, even if you are a chronic procrastinator or have a hard time starting new habits. 

    The two audiobooks in this bundle are all about helping you make your laziness work for you. How to Procrastinate Well will show you how learning to understand why you procrastinate and planning for your procrastination can actually help you be even more productive. 

    The second audiobook in the bundle, Habit Stacking, gives you a blueprint for developing powerful habits by making small changes at a time. When you follow the habit stacking method, it’s easy to make changes because the changes are small and manageable. The power is in continuing to add to small habits.

    Inside this bundle, you will discover:

    • Why you need to forgive your imperfections
    • The power of giving yourself permission to fail
    • How to plan ahead for unproductive days
    • How to capture your best energy
    • How to build habits that stick
    • The secret of habit stacking
    • A total of 22 habits for a better career
    • A total of 22 habits to improve your finances
    • A total of 23 health habits
    • And much more

    Together, these two audiobooks will change the way you look at your life. You will learn incredible tips, tricks, and strategies for being more productive - no matter how lazy you feel.

    Ready to accomplish your goals? Download Laziness right now!

    ©2018 Tom Shepherd (P)2018 Tom Shepherd

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