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    The wulfriths. It all began with a woman.

    A battle. A crown. The conqueror. The conquered. Medieval England - forever changed by the Battle of Hastings. And the rise of the formidable Wulfriths.

    The conqueror’s man.

    Having lost all - the woman he loved, great friendship, and lands - Sir Guy wants only to end the insurrection plaguing England. But being the conqueror’s man puts him at odds with his conscience when a disastrous siege against the resistance yields only one thing of value - his capture of a Saxon rebel known as the virgin widow. As Norman forces regroup, Guy finds himself drawn to one who could not be more different from the love he lost. Though he assures himself it is only admiration for her strength, it proves more when his defense of her leads to a kiss. Though he assures himself it is only attraction, it proves more when the pawn his king makes of her nearly sees her lost to him. Is it possible this lady was his story all along? If so, will all that conspires against them leave him more empty-handed than before?

    A lawless lady.

    Cousin to one whom Normans name Hereward the Outlaw and Saxons hail as the Last Great Englishman, Lady Vilda is determined to support the resistance even if it costs her life. And it nearly does. Half drowned and pulled from the marsh by the chevalier she escaped months earlier, she discovers he is a rare Norman when he shields her from his king’s wrath. Still, William the Conqueror has games to play, and as she has nothing left to lose, she decides to move her pieces well even if it offends. Surprisingly, she earns her greatest enemy’s admiration. More surprisingly, she finds her heart turning toward Sir Guy. But though his embrace tempts her to believe he is not beyond her reach, she knows gaining his love is as impossible as counting the stars. And that the still inside her that waits on him will wait forever.

    ©2021 Tammy Schmanski (P)2021 Tammy Schmanski

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