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Are you getting frustrated with LOA? Not manifesting money and abundance as fast as you would like to? 

I have been there, too. Depressed. Fearful. Scared. Full of self-guilt. I kept investing in endless resources about LOA. I wanted to create a better life and attract abundance. Yet, it never seemed to work out for me.

Approaching my 42nd birthday, I was unemployed, divorced, and nearly homeless. And in debt. Things changed when, due to unexpected circumstances, I met a mindset coach, aka my "Manifestation Messenger".

The twelve mindset shifts are exactly what you need to focus on to make the LOA work for you. This is exactly what this audiobook is all about.

Here's exactly what you will discover inside:

  • Why most people have no idea what they really want
  • Find out if you are making this number one mistake with your vision boards
  • How to quickly attract your Manifestation Messengers (and what they really mean)
  • The hidden LOA flaws that make you stressed out and burned out (and what to do instead)
  • How not to confuse the universe
  • Why most financial gurus’ advice only makes you stuck in a scarcity mindset (and how to shift to an abundance mindset)
  • The perils of the “shotgun approach” to manifesting (made me stuck for years)
  • The dangers of “trying to diversify” your income
  • How to check if your vision isn’t out of alignment (with just a few simple questions)
  • The "Fused Alignment Method" to manifest faster 
  • The wrong method behind picking up an income goal (yes, 99 percent of people fail because of that, and their affirmations actually make things worse)
  • The proven formula you can use if you are too busy for complicated LOA rituals (with this formula, five minutes a day is more than enough - I call it the "Quick Coffee Formula")
  • The one word you need to overcome fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs
  • Why so many entrepreneurs get stuck at the same income level for years (even though they hustle harder and harder), plus the remedy
  • Why so many people never get a pay rise/promotion, even though they invest in themselves and help the company they work for, plus the remedy
  • How skeptics and critics can help you manifest faster 
  • How to unleash the LOA-domino effect (a client of mine was not only able to raise her income, but she also manifested the love of her Life)
  • Why linear thinking keeps you away from success (and what to do instead to align yourself with powerful possibilities)
©2019 Elena G.Rivers (P)2019 Elena G.Rivers

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