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    It is no more difficult for consciousness to manifest $10,000 than it is to manifest a quarter. What hampers our ability to manifest is our resistance. We express resistance when we experience doubt about our ability to manifest.

    To attract money (just like in case of relationships, happiness, and health), we need to raise our vibration so that our lives are conducive to receiving money. The mistake that many people make is that they try to raise their vibration through techniques that are designed to be "one size fits all", or they do not sincerely believe what they are telling themselves as they try to raise their vibration.

    I could meditate and repeat affirmations all day of how I want $10,000. However, if any part of me harbors doubt, I most likely will not manifest that $10,000.

    Now, if I meditated and repeated affirmation of how I want a quarter, I most likely would manifest a quarter. Why the difference? I am a lot more confident that I can manifest a quarter than I am manifesting $10,000.

    However, there is another component that makes a difference, which is detachment. A quarter is not too meaningful to me, so I will not give much thought about it after I express my intentions for its manifestation.

    The same is not true of the $10,000. I want that $10,000, and you better believe that I will be thinking about it long after I express my intentions for its manifestation. So, how can we overcome these obstacles and communicate our intentions for money effectively? The answer to this question is incredibly simple, as you will find in this audiobook....

    Ready to start a new abundant chapter in your life?

    Join thousands of others who are successfully using LOA to create wealth and enjoy the financial freedom you truly deserve!

    ©2018 Elena G.Rivers (P)2018 Elena G.Rivers

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