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    Hygge, the Danish concept of comfort, has taken the world by storm in the last few years. We have all been seduced by Scandi lifestyle concepts either through social media or TV shows. What this quick start guide will do is introduce you to another lesser known Scandi concept of Lagom, or as it’s often translated "just enough is the right amount". 

    Let’s face it, we lead very wasteful lives. We buy too much; we consume too much; and as a result we ultimately throw away too much! Owning too much and throwing too much away makes us feel unhappy, whether we realize this or not. Cleaning, organizing, and even just looking at all the stuff we have accumulated can have us feeling stressed and demoralized. In this guide we will look at how we can adopt “Lagom” and introduce it into our everyday lives to leave us feeling "just right."  

    Get your copy today and start to live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

    Imagine a life that shuns overconsumption and how this can open up the time and energy to engage in more fulfilling pursuits. Has your life been, over time, more and more consumed by buying yet more pieces of furniture or more clothes you won’t even wear? Well, put these lifestyle choices to one side and rediscover how to buy less and live more. Learn how we can all improve our lives and happiness by adopting some simple lifestyle choices. 

    Leave behind those worries about finding the time to dust, clean, iron, and recycling, by living by the Swedish lifestyle choice of Lagom.

    This essential guide breaks down into easy to follow steps, showing you exactly how you can live a less consumerist lifestyle and enjoy what’s really important in life. 

    Here's a preview of what's inside....

    • What is Lagom?
    • Origins of Lagom
    • Positive benefits of living with just enough
    • Appyling Lagom to your home
    • Tips on how to succeed with Lagom
    • Lagom and food consumption
    • And much more!

    So what are you waiting for? Start taking control of your life without the need for endless spending and possessions now.

    ©2018 AFH Publishing (P)2018 AFH Publishing

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