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    What and who caused the death of Lady Diana? Was she a victim of a fatal accidental car crash, or was she violently murdered through a precise and well organized plot? According to the authors of many books it is an extremely mysterious event, and it will remain so forever; however this audiobook gives out evidence, testimonies, and accuracies about how things really went. Nothing of what happens can remain hidden forever! 

    The literary content of this audiobook, like a manual, aims to reveal everything about what everyone called ”the big unsolvable mystery about lady Diana's death”. About the Princess' tragic final events, after listening to this audiobook it will be easy to identify the real culprits, their names and last names, it will be obvious why and how they acted, what was their true motive, and every single detail missed by the greatest investigators. Only after punishing the wrongdoers Diana will be able to rest in peace, and her two sons will be able to finally accept what has sadly happened to their mother. This publication is a tribute to the world's most loved princess.

    ©2017 Tektime (P)2019 Tektime

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