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You are about to meet: your next favorite author

The 32nd edition of Writers of the Future may be the best new book yet! Brand-new adventure through space, time, and possibility. 

Along the way these new authors will introduce you to fascinating characters such as Nate, a very loyal companion - like most werewolves would be. Keanie has a parasite that lets her morph and so transform into anyone. Liz owns a dinosaur maker, but raw ingredients can be a problem. Anna slaves away in a factory but her magic leaves her unfulfilled. These authors take creative writing to a whole new level! 

The answers, the stories, the visions, and the mind-stretching possibilities are all waiting inside. 

Welcome to the future of science fiction and fantasy. It gets better every year. These are the award-winning short stories of the international contest that have launched the writing careers of some of the best new books!

©2016 Galaxy Press Inc.  (P)2018 Recorded Books

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