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    They're coming to take her baby. They'll have to kill me first.

    She's an innocent maid. I'm a ruthless Bratva boss. She says she wants nothing to do with me.

    But in my world, when I want something, I take it. And I want her.

    The problem is, Zoya is hiding a terrible secret: A baby in her womb that was never meant to be. And I'm not the only one who knows.

    Our enemies are coming. To hurt her. To ruin me. What they don't know is this: I've found what I want in this world. And they'll have to kill me to take it.

    A poor housemaid becomes the center of a brutal Bratva war when she learns she is carrying a mob boss's baby in this stand-alone, bad boy mafia romance from author Nicole Fox. In the midst of fighting off a savage betrayal, Aleksandr falls for the wrong girl-and has to decide where his loyalties truly lie. Can he save his family and protect his woman at the same time?

    Contains mature themes.

    ©2019 Nicole Fox (P)2020 Tantor

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