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    Not just anyone can be a knight, and this spell-binding collection of action-packed stories from around the world will show you why. Narrated by Anthony Head (who played Giles on TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Knights is the absorbing tale of young Tom of Warwick who is sent to his local castle to learn the art of knighthood.

    Tom's adventures, and the stories he hears from Master William about knights from many traditions, will delight and enthrall young would-be knights everywhere. From the familiar court of King Arthur to the distant realm of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, this enticing collection reveals that being a good knight is harder than it may seem. Not only are a brave heart and a strong arm required, but it is also necessary to know your own weaknesses, learn to cooperate with others and even, at times, have a good sense of humor!

    ©2002 John Matthews


    "Matthews offers seven retold legends that illustrate proper knightly behavior. A gruff, well-traveled instructor of medieval pages introduces each tale: the Arthurian story of the Kitchen Knight points up humility; kindness to animals leads to a samurai's victory in 'Yogodayu and the Army of Bees'; humor (grim humor, to be sure) serves in the Russian 'Three Journeys of Ilya of Murom'. Others stories exemplify cleverness, courage, and, in the French episode 'Sir Cliges and the Cherry Tree', Christian generosity." ( Booklist)

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