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    Penguin presents the audiobook edition of King Hereafter by Dorothy Dunnett.

    It is the 11th century, and Europe is full of young kings - some dreaming of new civilisation, some content to live as their forefathers have done, and all ceaselessly fighting, befriending or betraying one other.

    Such is the world of the real Macbeth, part Christian, part Viking, who has the imagination and determination to move himself and his people out of a barbarian past and into flowering nationhood. In this brilliant re-creation of his life we see him as a man of extraordinary courage, wit and skill - utterly self-reliant yet profoundly in love with woman he marries - a pirate of the sea yet a prince with the foresight and passion to set him apart from other men.

    ©2017 Dorothy Dunnett (P)2018 Penguin Books Ltd

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