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    Discover the remarkable life of King Henry VII in less than an hour....

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    Henry VII was not destined to be the well-known (or perhaps better described as infamous) king that his son was after him, but his place in history remains important. With his victory over Richard III in 1485, Henry brought England out of the Middle Ages and ushered it into the modern era. His reign ended decades of bloody civil wars and provided the wealth and stability necessary for commerce and art to thrive in England. When Henry’s son, Henry VIII, ascended the throne in 1509, it marked England’s first uncontested transfer of power in almost 90 years. This fact alone is a testament to Henry’s achievements.

    In this audiobook, we will discover the story of how Henry VII became the last English king to win his crown on the battlefield and by doing so established the Tudor dynasty which would remain in power for over 100 years.

    Discover a plethora of topics such as:

    • Early life and exile
    • The battle for the throne
    • The Tudor dynasty begins
    • England and Spain join forces
    • The work of Henry VII
    • Late life and death
    • And much more!

    So if you want a quick and easy audiobook on King Henry VII, listen to this audiobook!

    ©2019 Hourly History (P)2019 Hourly History

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