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    Thrill to This Story of Adversity, Determination, and Triumph! 

    Are you a Kevin Durant fan? Do you want to know how he became a superstar? Would you like to emulate his humility and work ethic - and be a champion in your own life?

    If so, Kevin Durant: The Inspirational Story of a Scoring Superstar: Kevin Durant: The Legacy is the book for you! You’ll discover how Kevin grew up, the influences his parents and grandparents had on his character, and how he became such a fierce and versatile competitor. You’ll follow him through his high school, college, and professional basketball careers. You’ll even learn the details of his basic training regimen!

    Listen to this life-changing book right away! 

    Do you want to be a “beast” on the court like Kevin Durant? Would you like to know how he trains?

    With the help of trainer Dwight Daub, Kevin focuses on the strength and agility training he needs as an NBA forward. This book describes the details of Kevin’s strength training exercises, shooting drills, corrective exercises, dribbling practice, and ball handling techniques. With Kevin’s methods, you can become stronger, sharper, and more aware - both on and off the court!

    How has Kevin Durant changed the game of basketball? What is his legacy?

    As a youth, Kevin was inspired by his favorite player, Vince Carter. Today, he has inspired many young people and fans of the game. He changed history by becoming a record-breaking forward and making plays at both ends of the court. Off the court, Kevin has reached at-risk youth through his charity foundation. Mature beyond his years, Kevin has made a huge impact on his teammates, fans, and others and loves to share his favorite quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

    This book includes an extensive list of Kevin’s many awards and accomplishments!

    Don’t wait another minute. Listen to Kevin Durant: The Inspirational Story Of A Scoring Superstar and learn his inspirational story TODAY! 

    You’ll be so glad you did!

    ©2019 Steve Peyton (P)2019 Steve Peyton

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