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Keeping the Upper Paw

The Cats Guide to Training Your Human
Sprecher: Gillian Loftis
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 24 Min.

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Keeping the Upper Paw: A Cat's Guide to Training Your Human is a humorous look at life, humans, and living with humans through the eyes of a cat. All of the cats in this book were once a part of the family, cohabiting together in the household of Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop. Morris, the elder cat; Beau, his second in command; Kitten, a cat who likes to get physical; Poofie, a small gray boy who dreamed of being an only cat; Champ, the shy one; Mikey, the playful boy; Sheba, the only girl; and Little Bit, the baby, all lived, played, and trained their humans. Both Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop describe their parts in the writing of this book as the typists.

©2014 Marta Moran Bishop (P)2015 Marta Moran Bishop


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