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    Has Kanban become the Kan-Bane of your organization?

    Are you still lost in the woods when it comes to Kanban? Is WIP driving you crazy?

    Are you ready to banish all these problems out of existence?

    By popular demand, in this book bundle, we present to you Gary Metcalfe's best-selling series Kanban. All the way from learning what Kanban actually is to ABC classification to learning Kanban implementation in different environments, this audiobook will walk you all the way from A to Z!

    You will also learn the following:

    • Why your project team misses deadlines and how to fix this ASAP!
    • The differences between Kanban and other lean methods and why this is more important that you think!
    • Kanban metrics you need to have...and the ones you can trash.
    • Scaling Kanban the right way.
    • All about Flow Efficiency and how to master this crucial aspect of Kanban.
    • How to design a Kanban system from scratch, the right way!
    • Insights into how you can Kanbanize your personal life.
    • And so much more!

    So go ahead and join those who have Kanbanified their workflow!

    Get this audiobook now! 

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