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Just Do This Titelbild

Just Do This

Von: D.J. Eshelman
Gesprochen von: D.J. Eshelman
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Having a career in IT can be exciting...or frustrating.

Do you feel you’re behind in your career, being passed over for promotion after promotion?

Have you noticed that others are getting promotions when they know less than you?

Or maybe you are just looking for something more in your IT career and not finding it.

The problem isn’t your knowledge. The problem is your methods.

In this book, 20-year IT services veteran D.J. Eshleman teaches you the framework he has used to advance his career from temp worker to cubicle to consultant, and now, to coach and author.

The great news? What he’s found is that simpler is better. A system everyone on the team can follow is something that is missing in many ITIL, DevOps, and Agile models. You shouldn’t need a certificate or degree just to be successful in IT.

This book introduces what D.J. calls the riskLESS™ IT Services Methodology - a four-phase system he uses when running projects and has guided several teams in implementing.

The phases are very easy to remember:

  1. Understand
  2. Plan
  3. Change
  4. Maintain

This book focuses on practical, real-world knowledge and examples of these phases as well as how to discover, document, and work in day-to-day IT activities...without complicated systems that no one on the team really understands. The methodology is like a language or framework that everyone can understand.

You can start today - Just Do This will show you how to shave years of trial and error from your career. You’ll have more time at home, less stress, and more assurance that your next vacation will not be your last!

©2020 D.J. Eshelman (P)2020 D.J. Eshelman
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