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    In this first fantabulosa selection of sketches from BBC radio's classic comedy Round the Horne, we find that two infamously outrageous resting thesps from Carnaby Street are game on for a variety of entrepreneurial endeavours.

    As Kenneth Horne trolls along in search of some essential service or other, the tinkle of a doorbell invariably brings him to one of Julian and Sandy's bona establishments.

    In 24 lally-trembling scenarios, Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams run the gamut of human emotion, as Jools and Sand cater for the intimate at'omey in "Bona Caterers", shake hands with a prospective member in "Keep Britain Bona", handle all the top grapplers in "Bona Wrestlers", and have their first ever encounter with Mr. Horne's parquet floor. As Julian says, "If I'd known I would'ave bought me tap shoes."

    So don't be strange, come on in, rest your lallies, and let your riah down with two of the best pros in the business. It'll make your eyes stand out on stalks.

    ©1992, 2002 BBC Worldwide Ltd. (P)1992, 2002 BBC Worldwide Ltd.

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