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Judge Xenophon and the Foxworthy Cabal is a literary snapshot of an Alaska Gold Rush boomtown in August of 1900. The boomtown, Ophir, is on the edge of either going civilized or ghost. To become civilized, it needs to legally squeeze out the crooked judge before he absconds on the last steamship of the season - in 30 days - with the gold he has been legally seizing since June. Told in 50 first-person vignettes, the novel is the epitome of small-town America where there are no secrets, and everyone knows everything about everybody.

The author, Steven Levi, is an Alaska Gold Rush scholar and fiction writer. He has more than 80 books in print and on Kindle including the only composite history of the Alaska Gold Rush, Boom and Bust in the Alaska Gold Fields, and a footnoted The Human Face of the Alaska Gold Rush.

©2018 Steven Levi (P)2019 Steven Levi

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