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    Journaling was embraced by Leonardo da Vinci, and it kept Bob Dylan's lyrics insightful. Basho, the famous poet, kept a journal of his travels. Journals can help you release stress, develop forgiveness, embrace your past, adore your future, and explore aspects of your creativity that you never knew existed.

    And the entire process is free.

    Journaling Basics: Journal Writing for Beginners takes your hand and guides you on a journey of emotional healing and creative blossoming. From deciding what to journal in to investigating the different styles of journals, this book is there every step of the way to offer insight, ideas, and suggestions.

    Author Lisa Shea has been journaling for many years and presents the pros and cons of styles of books, styles of writing, and a myriad of other topics. She's also available on a number of social network systems like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to lend a hand if you get stuck.

    Together we can take that first step to achieving your dreams!

    All author's proceeds of the Journaling series benefit battered women's shelters.

    ©2014 Lisa Shea (P)2015 Lisa Shea

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