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    Becoming more productive and a better person overall is not as difficult as you might think.

    All it takes is changing a few things daily and before you know it, you’ll be happier than ever before. Thanks to this two-in-one book, you can now learn about the first crucial steps of your journey to self-development.

    Book one: Journaling: 52 Creative Ideas and Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Journaling Habit All Through the Year

    This book will inspire you, guide you, and help you write an amazing journal every single day. It guides you through each week with a well-planned and thought-out writing prompt that will walk you through all facets of life. It’s a fantastic way to develop yourself and become a better person, only by writing a few words daily!

    Book two: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity: How to Get More Done in Less Time, and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

    Most people don't know how to change their lives and habits so that they actually start getting more things done and at the same time live the life they always wanted. Do you recognize yourself in this description?

    If so, there is a solution, and we will go through that in this book. First, you need to learn how to defeat your worst enemy: procrastination! By ending procrastination, you will get an unfair advantage - you’ll start getting things done!

    Download this book today!

    ©2017 Niel Schreiber and Brian Ledger (P)2021 Niel Schreiber and Brian Ledger

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