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    An incredible look at one of the Enlightenment’s most influential figures.

    Credited as the Father of Liberalism and revered for his ground-breaking theories, John Locke left behind a legacy which has radically shaped political and philosophical thought for over 300 years. His writings continue to inspire and educate people to this day, from founding our central ideas of consciousness and knowledge to creating a framework for society which greatly influenced America’s founding fathers.

    Now this collection presents two of his most important works for modern readers and listeners, offering a unique glimpse into the mind of this philosophical giant. It covers John Locke’s ideas on knowledge, the human mind, introspection, politics, and much more.

    Inside this collection, you’ll discover:

    • An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, which explores the universal themes of knowledge and rationality, giving rise to a central foundation of empiricism which shaped the work of countless philosophers for generations
    • Two Treatises of Government, a powerful refutation of monarchy and the creation of a rights-based vision for a future society which 17th-century Europe would have seen as revolutionary

    Perfect for fans of philosophy, political thought, and the Enlightenment period, this riveting collection will open your eyes and provide you with an illuminating new perspective of fundamental human nature.

    Scroll up and buy now to explore the work of John Locke today.

    ©2020 Montgomery Providence Publishing (P)2021 Montgomery Providence Publishing

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