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    Beschreibung von Audible

    In cyberpunk luminary Rudy Rucker's novel Jim and the Flims, listeners are treated to a quirky adventure that spans the two wildly different worlds of bohemian Santa Cruz, California, and the afterlife. Voice actor Mario Bueno delivers an inspired performance, maintaining the easy, irreverent narration of the protagonist, Jim Oster, while infusing the old surfers and punks of the town with palpable attitude. Audiences will be drawn in to Oster's dimension-warping story, as he ruptures the membrane between earth and the afterworld (The Flimsy) and deals with the fallout: a battle with the Flims.


    Jim and the Flims is a novel set in Santa Cruz, CA...and the afterlife. Acclaimed cyberpunk/singularity author Rudy Rucker explores themes of death and destruction in the wry, quirky style he is famous for.

    Jim Oster ruptures the membrane between our world and afterworld (AKA, The Flimsy), creating a two-way tunnel between them. Jim's wife, Val, is killed in the process, and Jim finds himself battling his personal grief and an invasion of the Flims. The process of battling the invading Flims leads him to the center of the afterworld, where the ghost of his wife just might be. Can Jim save Earth with the help of a posse of Santa Cruz punks, and at the same time bring his wife back to life?

    ©2011 Rudy Rucker (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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