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Jesus the Ex-Con

One Man's Journey from Life Sentence to Abundant Life
Autor: Scott Smith
Sprecher: Jamin Bradley
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 11 Min.

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In August 1999, Scott Smith enrolled in Bible College with aspirations to become a minister for Jesus...Wait! That's not actually true. He only attended for the girls.

A few years later, after engaging in a string of criminal activities, Scott found himself in a much different institution after being sentenced to life in prison - and the only "girls" were the HIV-positive transvestites who did their best to hide their beards.

Within the first few days locked behind 60-foot high walls, Inmate #461419 quickly realized he wasn't prepared for the rampant gang violence, corrupt guards, and suicides. He was in a new type of hell on earth that his religious textbooks never mentioned.

In this captivating memoir, Scott takes listeners behind the walls of prison by sharing entries from his prohibited make-shift journal. He also reveals the intimate details that led to his life sentence - details that were once secret but now explain his astonishing story.

In Jesus the Ex-Con, you will laugh, cry, and even wince, but this story is not entirely dark and sinister. You will also encounter a miraculous plot twist when Scott shares how he met an unusual convict who taught him how to escape the hell he created for himself. Although his story is filled with drama and pain, it's also laced with hope and redemption - and it will touch every listener's life! Get ready for a true story you'll never forget!

©2016 Scott Smith (P)2017 Scott Smith


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