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    The 22 messages in this audiobook from Jesus, channeled by Gina Lake, will help you be in the world with greater peace and happiness. 

    In these messages, Jesus addresses a variety of practical issues, such as the cause of suffering, how to heal and transform humanity, how to come together as one world, what the Law of Attraction really is, how to make love your default, how to connect soul to soul, what being honest and truthful means, how to create an environment conducive to your spiritual well-being, how to stay true to your heart, how to be more present in your life, and how to find your life purpose. 

    These channeled messages were part of weekly online video meetings, where Gina Lake and her husband, who is also a nondual spiritual teacher, give what they call Christ Consciousness energy transmissions. 

    The messages from Jesus were given before the transmission to prepare, teach, and inspire those who are there to receive the transmission. Many report feeling a transmission come through these channeled messages as well.

    ©2020 Gina Lake (P)2020 Gina Lake

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