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    A fascinating collection of the Bronte Sisters’ most famous work.

    Offering poignant and eye-opening reflections on Victorian society, the works of Emily and Charlotte Bronte hold a special place in literary history and in the hearts of everyone who reads them.

    Deeply controversial in their time for their critical look at core parts of society - including religion, class, and the role of women - their work has transcended the 19th century to provide an often-forgotten glimpse into the struggles of the past.

    Now, over 150 years since their first publication, this collection brings two of their most famous books to modern listeners. Imbued with the same artful prose and gripping themes, this audiobook presents the Bronte Sisters’ classic books in an engaging audio format.

    Inside this collection, you’ll find:

    • Wuthering Heights, a timeless classic which paints a stark picture of 19th-century England and challenges deeply held Victorian ideals
    • Jane Eyre, one of the most influential and beloved romance novels of its time, which is credited with revolutionizing first-person writing

    Perfect for fans of classic literature, early female authors, and Victorian society, this collection is a must-listen for anyone who wants to know more about the Bronte Sisters and their legacy.

    Public Domain (P)2020 Flâneur Media

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