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    Unique to this title is: 

    • A historical introduction
    • An overview of Peter Pan
    • A study of the themes present in Peter Pan
    • A list of famous quotes from Peter Pan

    You may of course skip all of it and go straight to the main title if you do not want any spoilers and come back later to the beginning. 

    James Barrie grew up in a family where the mother was the dominant figure. When he was 6 years old, his elder brother died in an accident, a trauma from which his mother never recovered. As his mother played a dominant role in his life, her pain and suffering affected Barrie deeply and changed his life forever. 

    Peter Pan is a story about a free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and who never grows up. His never-ending childhood is filled with adventures. He lives on the mythical island of Neverland where he is the leader of the Lost Boys gang. They live side by side with fairies, pirates, mermaids, Native Americans, and only occasionally interact with ordinary children from outside the Neverland. 

    Enjoy this timeless classic!

    Public Domain (P)2020 Chronos Publishing

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