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It's Your Life... Do Not Waste It!

Sprecher: Meike Hohenwarter
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 6 Min.

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Do you have the feeling that you are not sitting in the driver's seat of your own life? Are you maybe dissatisfied with your job or your love relation but do not know how to walk new paths? Or maybe you even have a big dream, but somehow you just don't come any closer to it. Could be you intend to become self-employed, you are dreaming of writing a book or you would love to undertake a long journey. But year passes after year and nothing changes. Often we have just unlearned to realize what we really want out of life, the things that fulfill us and make us happy.

Sometimes we are just afraid of change. All this leaves us where we are and to do nothing about it. But this makes us discontent. Deep within us there is this growing feeling, that life was supposed to offer more to us, than what we actually experience. "Live Your Full Potential!" is the motto of all my workshops, coachings, e-books, online courses and the more. In this audiobook, I invite you right from the beginning to participate as it is about YOUR life, after all. I am leading you step by step (back) to yourself, your wishes and dreams and show you how to get closer to yourself every day.

I support you to overcome your fears and start being curious about all new things in your life. As this is the way to become the best version of yourself - and that's exactly what you need and what the world needs! Because if all people could live happily and according to their purpose, this earth would sure be a peaceful place. As Mahatamy Ghandi says, "Be the change, you wish to see in the world."
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