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It's Me Again

The Bandy Papers
Autor: Donald Jack
Sprecher: Robin Gabrielli
Serie: The Bandy Papers, Titel 3
Spieldauer: 15 Std. und 25 Min.

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As usual, the RAF top brass don't know what to do with maverick flying ace and well-known loose cannon Major Bartholomew Bandy. They pack him off to a squadron where everything's as smart as paint and the flying record barely registers, thinking it'll keep him out of their hair. 

But after a shaky start, Bart gets a firm grip on things - one of those things being the adjutant, who jealously guards his own private and baroquely magnificent WC. With old pal Dick Milestone, Bart reinvigorates the superbly turned-out but demoralized pilots, who start doing some serious flying and very serious damage to the enemy, in the notoriously tricky new Dolphin Camels. 

With the blackest of black comedy and seat-of-the pants escapades, Donald Jack's series about a young pilot makes the war to end all wars come roaring to life. 

©1975 Donald Jack (P)2018 Prelude Books Ltd


 “I enjoyed every word... terrifically funny.” (P. G. Wodehouse, author)

“Jack does more than play it for laughs... The mingling of humor and horror is like a clown tap-dancing on a coffin, but Jack is skillful enough to get away with it.” (Time Magazine)

“Funny. Very. Donald Jack has as light a touch with this fragile art as his hero has on throttle of a Sopwith Camel. Excessive corn is avoided in favor of wit and a delight in life.” (New York Times)


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