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    Have you ever dreamed of having a pet wolf? Marc loves dogs, but he has always dreamed of owning a pet wolf. It was something he thought could only happen in fantasy books...until he visited Italy with his family. 

    On the streets of Venice, Marc learns about the rare Czechoslovakian wolfdog. Marc becomes determined to own this beautiful dog, but there is a problem. 

    Back home in Toronto, there are no Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. Marc has to import a puppy from Italy, and he names her Arya, but he quickly learns that she isn’t like regular dogs. Marc quickly learns the challenges of owning a Czechoslovakian wolfdog. 

    Arya is intelligent, mischievous, and an escape artist. Are these dogs always this difficult to train? Will Marc’s dream turn into a nightmare? Will he and Arya develop the relationship he has always dreamed of?

    ©2020 Marcangelo Benevenga (P)2020 Marcangelo Benevenga

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