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    Yara Moreland was a complex woman, full of mystery, compassion, and way too much love. She would do anything for her husband, including going to jail for 10 years. When she's released, things aren't the same, and she's left confused and wondering who's to blame.

    Kamala Crawford is madly in love with Kadeem. She's counting down the days until his wife is released from prison so that he can divorce her and they can get married and live happily ever after. 

    Kadeem Moreland's mind is somewhere lost in the jungle. He fails miserably at being a father to his three children, leaving them in the care of his mother.

    Is She the Reason gives you perspective from everyone included in this love triangle. Will karma keep Kamala's wishes from coming true? Will Yara seek revenge on her husband? Or will she realize that their love was never real to begin with? 

    National best-selling author Nako is back with a spellbinding novel that captures the attention and hearts of her listeners.

    Author's note: Is She the Reason is a full-length stand-alone. Characters were previously mentioned in Giselle: Creme de la Creme. However, you do not have to listen to the story to enjoy Is She the Reason.

    ©2018 Nako (P)2018 Nakoreya Roberson

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