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    No one is truly alone. Every person can, at any moment, call upon not only one guardian angel but also seven specific archangels who bring blessings and protection to those who know how to ask. In Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul, Sunny Dawn Johnston introduces listeners to these archangels and presents a nine-step process to healing on every level, from physical ailments to relationships, addiction, and even financial struggles.

    Through Sunny's enlightened process, readers will be able to identify their pains and to use their own inner strengths - as supported by the Archangels - to overcome the obstacles in their paths.

    Invoking the Archangels includes Sunny's step-by-step process, an introduction to each of the seven archangels, testimonials, prayers, and guided meditations, all richly elaborated upon by Sunny's own personal experiences with the process and each individual archangel as they appeared to her during the challenges in her own life.

    This book offers a path to self-awakening and sustainable self-renewal by opening the listeners' minds to the existence and abundant love of the archangels, who only need to be called in order to help.

    ©2012 Sunny Dawn Johnston (P)2015 Sunny Dawn Johnston

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