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Introducing Genetically Modified Organisms: GMO

The History, Research and the TRUTH You're Not Being Told
Autor: Mark Plummer
Sprecher: Mark Huff
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 20 Min.

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Have you asked the question, "What are GMOs?"

Where did they come from?

Who creates them?

How will they affect myself and my family?

Are they dangerous?

If so, what can I do about it?

What you'll find out by listening to this audiobook:

  • An objective overview of what is meant by plant genetic engineering (GMO) and an insight as to where the science and technology came from.
  • An explanation (without being too "science") of how the genetic engineering of the DNA of plant species is being combined with other species, both plant and animal, to create new forms of life that are being sold to us as "food".
  • Why the biotech industry is so interested in the genetics of our food supply.
  • A historical journey dating back 12,000 years to the start of human agriculture.
  • An introduction to the infamous flavr-savr tomato.
  • A perspective of the wider economic, scientific, and philosophical issues which are intrinsic to a full understanding of the GM food issue.

We all need to understand the issues surrounding the controversial topic of GMOs for the sake of our health, our families, and the security of the food chain of our planet. Our very future may depend on it. This first volume in a five book series is the introduction you've been looking for.

Download this book today.

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