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    Storm Company is scattered. Magic is out of reach. The beasts are charging.

    Zeke and his friends have been with each other constantly since coming to Brindolla. They found the power to support themselves via potent magic that would make their wildest dreams back on Earth seem tame.

    All of that comes crashing down when one of War's generals manages to wound Orlow’thes, the guardian of the waters, near the Continent of Beasts. Their fight scattered Storm Company to the winds, and this place only gets weirder and wilder as time passes.

    Zeke is now sick and unable to touch his magic. Only Bea has remained at his side, and together they need to hunt for a cure. The only other option is to wait it out and hope his friends survive. Yet, waiting has never been his style. It’s time to brave the strongest beasts and the most cunning of beings.

    Time for the fight against War to go Into the Wild.

    ©2020 Christopher Johns (P)2021 Mountaindale Press

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