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  • Internet Explorer 7 Classroom-To-Go

  • Geschrieben von: William Stanek
  • Gesprochen von: Ron Knowles
  • Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 32 Min.
  • Gekürztes Hörbuch

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    Written by the premier author in Windows software, William Stanek, and addressing the needs of computer users everywhere regardless of skill level, Internet Explorer 7 Classroom-To-Go is designed to help you build your Internet Explorer knowledge. Back in the late 1990s, Internet Explorer became the top choice for browsing the Web by offering innovative features and being the best of its class. While other browsers from those heady, fast-paced days of the World Wide Web's early evolution have all but disappeared, Internet Explorer has continued. It now dominates the web-browser market, but for a while it lost something special. Namely, it lost some of the cutting-edge innovation that made it the leader in the first place. With Version 7, though, Internet Explorer regains its place as a cutting-edge web browser with innovations worthy of applause.

    Windows Vista includes Internet Explorer 7 as the default program for accessing web pages. Internet Explorer 7 is also available as a free download for anyone using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. This newest version of Internet Explorer features a streamlined interface that increases the viewing area for web pages, tabbed browsing for easier navigation when you are viewing multiple web pages, and an extensive security shield that is designed to safeguard the integrity of your computer and protect your personal information.

    Whether you are a novice or a pro, you'll find that Internet Explorer 7 is easier to work with than previous releases and that it offers more possibilities for customization and optimization. Before you race off to customize and optimize Internet Explorer 7, however, you need to get to know its new interface, as discussed in the first part of this audiobook. You'll then be better prepared for the advanced discussion in the second part of this audiobook, which covers new features and new ways of performing familiar tasks.

    ©2007 William Stanek (P)2007 Classroom-To-Go Training, an imprint of RP Audio

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