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Instant Parenting: How to Be a Good Parent and Raise a Child with Fewer Conflicts Instantly!

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From the very first moment they're born into your arms, your kids instantly become the apple of your eyes, and you would do anything for them. But as much as you love them and would give the world to them, let's be honest, raising a child is no quick walk in the park.

There will be times of conflict, difficulty, and tension along the way - not to mention that rebellious streak of teen years. Driven by the need to get whatever they want whenever they want and the need to fit in to be cool and popular - then playing the guilt card and blaming you for not loving them enough for not giving in to their demands - can wreak havoc on any parent's nerves.

You can blame it on pop culture, but, as a parent, need to be their GPS (guided parental system), guiding them in a world they think they know into a well-respected, successful individual and a good outstanding citizen. That's the biggest the priority of a parent and the biggest prize you can offer to your kid(s). They need you to!

Here's a peek at what you'll find in Instant Parenting:

  • How to be a good parent by adopting the fundamental "six golden rules" of parenting to raising children more easily and guiding them through life
  • How to apply the "art of codependent parenting" where you and your child both have mutual respect and need each other for survival as one form of parenting styles
  • How to improve interactions with your children by working on your "parental communication skills" so they'll always respect and listen to you
  • How to manage yourself and your kids when they have done something wrong against your wishes and everything you've taught them
  • How to get your kids on your side, by being on their side, so they'll always let you in on their lives without hiding any secrecy
  • Custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications, and exercises for better parenting skills for raising kids better
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