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Jet Black, Book 2
Sprecher: Ray Greenley
Serie: Jet Black, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 21 Min.

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The story of Jet Black continues, and more of the mystery unfolds as Jet and his friends prepare to rescue the remaining children held at Miracle Manor by the sinister Dr. Drexler. 

More clues come together to reveal a larger picture as Drexler's plans come to light, piece by insidious piece. 

Grandpa's story is continued, which further sheds light on the history of Nebulous and the Key holders who came before Jethro Black. 

The Enigma of Serenity further unfolds, and as Fig embarks upon this new world, opportunities are discovered for expanded perception and insight, not only into the past, present, and possible future, but perhaps into the very nature of mankind's existence. 

Insidious is the second release in the young adult science fiction series...Jet Black.

Warning: This book series will take you on an adventurous ride through the world of Jet Black. Here you will inevitably find various religious and spiritual undertones woven into the story. Some of these are subtle, some are not. Others are hidden as clues to a larger picture. While some listeners may value these as hidden treasures, others may choose to see them differently. If you are easily offended by religious and/or spiritual content, I suggest you turn back now. If however, you are not afraid of such things, by all means.... Proceed at your own risk.

©2015 T.S. Littlefield (P)2016 T.S. Littlefield

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