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    The aliens have arrived!

    While most UFO books are re-hashes of old cases, Inside UFOs presents the cutting edge of UFO research with ten all new original cases of extensive contact. A wide variety of ETs are presented, including various types of grays, Praying Mantis-type ETs, humanoids and Nordics. The witnesses are normal everyday people who suddenly find themselves in very unusual situations. The unique and unusual nature of the cases in this audiobook will surprise even those well-versed in the UFO literature.

    • A Navy Corpsman is invited aboard a UFO by his shipmate, only to meet 15-foot tall friendly Praying Mantis-type ETs.
    • A young child experiences an encounter with Nordic ETs that marks a lifelong series of contacts.
    • A paperboy encounters a UFO and missing time, leaving him with an undiagnosed illness and a mystery that remained unsolved for years.
    • An office-worker is confronted by a nine-foot-tall praying mantis, only to discover that she’s also having contact with gray-type ETs too.
    • A teacher stops on the road when a huge metallic sphere drops from the sky, and out steps a handsome-looking spaceman.
    • A new mother is shocked to see an alien right outside her window, staring intently at her newborn son.
    • A desperately ill housewife is transported from her home into an unknown base and cured by an eight-foot-tall orange-haired humanoid.
    • A young farm-boy encounters UFOs on his family’s farm, beginning a very close and lifelong relationship with ETs.
    • A Navy Electronics Specialist has a complex UFO encounter aboard a Navy Ship, and is taught by the ETs about alternative energy sources.
    • A nursing assistant experiences a life-long series of missing time incidents culminating in a fully conscious encounter with gray-type ETs who attempt to answer all his questions.

    Why are the aliens here? What is their agenda on our planet? Are they hostile or benevolent? This audiobook answers these questions and more, directly from the witnesses’ themselves.

    ©2017 Preston Dennett (P)2020 Preston Dennett

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