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Influence and Leadership

Building Rapport in Teams
Autor: Michael Nir
Sprecher: Barbara H. Scott
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 54 Min.

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Simple: Project Management: Influence and Leadership includes three proven fundamentals to unlock the secrets of leadership, influence, and stakeholder communication management!

Imagine that you master the magic of influence and are able to successfully lead and manage stakeholders. Imagine that you have a clear path of how to accomplish it. I have some good news and some bad news: The good news is that with the three proven fundamentals in this practical audiobook, you can quickly learn how to influence without authority.

Everyone has to work with stakeholders.

  • Absolutely relevant situational leadership models which contain valuable scientifically-proven, tested approaches to leadership - by this audiobook - you will learn a lot!
  • After you start using the various techniques given by me, you will be amazed at the quick change to your leadership style and ability to influence in a wide range of situations!
  • Colorful case study integrated - listen to Project Management: Influence and Leadership more than once to gain full understanding.
  • Easy to implement concepts - I know what you are thinking, how can this be so easy? How can this be even possible? As a matter of fact, it is easy because of the focus you are investing on these hidden aspects of influence, leadership in managing and communicating with stakeholders.

A must-have for maintaining a competitive advantage. You think that it is possible to use liking in such a powerful context, don't you? Introducing a tested four grid model for influence - understanding the four different styles of influence and communication will alter the way you interact with people around you. The advice is simple and each chapter ends with a summary of the vital concepts to carry on to your practical daily environment.

©2013 Michael Nir (P)2014 Sapir Consulting

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