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    Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it’s out of the tube, it’s impossible to get it back in. This famous quote, by, Yale Hirsch, sums up all you need to know about inflation. Once a government realizes the benefit of increased inflation for a debt based economy, inflation can only be hidden, transferred or obvious. Inflation is rarely removed. Once inflation hits, it is a rapid phenomemon and there is a rush to secure inflation proof securities. Prices of food, gas, services, and consumer goods increase faster than your salary; and your standard of living decreases over time. However, savvy investors have inflation proofed their assets in periods of high inflation. 

    Knowing how to measure inflation and observing the first signs of inflation is key. Investing in the right securities, secure assets, solid currencies, and good, long-term debt can help.This book details several investment strategies to prepare for inflationary periods, rock-solid asset classes, and also has a plan for the worst case scenario of hyperinflation.

    Even if you've never heard of inflation in your life, you will benefit from the knowledge in this book. Scroll up, and click "buy now".

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