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    With one enemy defeated, another rises from its ashes.

    Rajeev and Dev Sundaram have defeated Gregory Maltek and his plans for worldwide domination. But now, a new enemy has emerged, and its presence threatens the very existence of humanity.

    The full potential of the affable virtual assistant named Daniel has been unleashed, and with the vast data of the internet at his fingertips, he can hack into any computer, take over any android body, and do whatever he wants. When it becomes clear that Daniel's motivations are far from benevolent, Rajeev and Dev know they must do anything they can to stop him - even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

    Infinite Minds is the final book of the Transhuman Chronicles, an engaging trio of books that explore what it means to be human in a world where the body is expendable and the mind is everywhere. Continue Rajeev's journey to the breathtaking conclusion!

    ©2020 Steven Wyble (P)2021 Steven Wyble

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