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    Fact 417 - Kidnapping was not sexy.

    The old Earth romances had it wrong. Being captured by an attractive elfin alien was anything but glamorous. It was slave labor with a pinch of harassment. But Allie Sai wouldn’t take anyone’s gruff, even if it meant challenging the scariest man she’d ever met, erm...alien.

    Fact 359 - Southern belles never played by the rules.

    Poker was always her game of choice, so it was fitting that to take down Sloven and win her freedom, Allie had to take a chance and do the impossible - destroy the King’s criminal empire and get out without dying. Simple, right? If only.

    Fact 205 - Luck had a funny way of changing when you least expected it.

    It was just one trick....

    ©2019 Frost Kay (P)2020 Frost Kay

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